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Technorati Profile

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The Henderson Brothers return to the stage!

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The Henderson Brothers Band!

Hbb 2
This gig is truly a miracle!

My brother Jon (on the right in the photo) went in for lung surgery on May 30. He’s been fighting cancer since 1999. He spent all of June and July unconscious in ICU! We very nearly lost him! Once again Jon was able to beat extremely long odds and is now making a full recovery!

Come celebrate the miracle of life with us! The Henderson Brothers ride again!

It will be a very special night of music!

Event on MySpace here

Saturday Nov 04, 2006 at 10:00 PM

Conor O’Neill’s Traditional Irish Pub
1922 13th Street
Boulder, CO 80302

Check us out on MySpace here

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Guitar amplifier

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KLDT-10: Portable sharp-looking combo
Output Power10wtts (R.M.S)
Impedance: 4Ω
Speaker: 4.5inch
Functions: 2-ban EQ, (bass and treble ), skirted knobs; silver grille cloth
Headphone Jack
Packing Number : 8 pcs/Carton for KGAT10A ; 6 pcs/Carton for K10.
Dimensions & Weight ( outer packing ) :
KGAT10A , 570( W ) x 485 ( D ) x 302 ( H ) mm ( 22.5″ x 19″ x 12″ )
N .W : 20 KG( 44 Ibs .) , G .W : 24 KG ( 53 Ibs .)
KGAT10 , 590( W ) x 480 ( D ) x 318( H ) mm ( 23.3″ x 19″ x 12.5″ )
N .W : 18 KG ( 40 Ibs .) , G .W : 22 KG ( 48 Ibs .);
Color : Black

Guitar amplifier

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Kailing Electronic co.,Ltd was found in 2001 specialized in musical instruments and electronic audio products. The main production include Electric guitar amplifier, Bass amplifier. We have strict quality control system, perfect training system for employee, and fast response delivery production system.
So we can provide customers with high quality, competitive prices, and fast delivery production around world.
At same time, we offer customers OEM and ODM service also.
we hope to have long business relationship with our customers. Please contact with us freely.


Please Help Derek Trucks!!!!

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Derek Trucks Band Needs Your HELP!
Please Read and HELP ASAP!!!

The Derek Trucks Band’s equipment trailer was stolen last night in Atlanta. I need to purchase the following equipment ASAP. Anyone who is willing to sell any of this gear, please call me at ……

Read more here…….


My New Two Rock SIG!!!

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Clips Here:

Sig Funk Short
Sig Funk Long


Discover Music - Pandora - KILLER!

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Discover Music - Pandora
Ever since we started the Music Genome Project, our friends would ask:
Can you help me discover more music that I’ll like?

Those questions often evolved into great conversations. Each friend told us their favorite artists and songs, explored the music we suggested, gave us feedback, and we in turn made new suggestions. Everybody started joking that we were now their personal DJs.

We created Pandora so that we can have that same kind of conversation with you.


Still Rocking, Still Swaggering, Still the Stones - New York Times

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Still Rocking, Still Swaggering, Still the Stones - New York Times
BOSTON, Aug. 21 - Four decades ago, the Rolling Stones made their name by defying propriety. Now they are defying age. They opened their latest tour tonight at Fenway Park, with an audience of 36,000 filling the stands, the outfield and balconies overhanging the stage for the first of two shows here. Mick Jagger is 62, Keith Richards 61, Charlie Watts 64 and Ronnie Wood a spry 58. Age can be cruel to musicians, eroding voices and stamina. But yes, the Stones can still do it.


New Allen Hinds Videos

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You have to check out Allen’s new Xotic Videos. Allen demos the RC, AC, and BB pedals!

Then at the bottom of the page there are 3 clips of Allen live at La Ve Lee! Killer!

Videos Here!

Miles Davis: Early, Late, Real, Yours

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Open Source - Miles Davis: Early, Late, Real, Yours

We are talking tonight about Miles Davis: Early Miles, Late Miles, Real Miles, Your Miles. With musicians and others who knew him, it would be easy to do an hour just of impressions of Miles rasping voice and lightning wit. Charlie Davidson of the Andover Shop in Cambridge, who tailored Miles and the band’s Ivy League clothes in the and 1960s, is a storehouse of casual Milesiana, like this from Charlie: One day I asked him: Miles, do you really like Frank Sinatra? Do I like him? he said. If he had one tit I marry him!

Check out this Podcast!!!


Michael Brecker needs your help!

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Please read this and if you fit the profile, please strongly consider being tested as a posible donor!

FROM: Susan Brecker
SUBJECT: Michael Brecker needs your help.

Dear Family and Friends,

My husband, Michael Brecker, has been diagnosed with MDS
(myelodysplastic syndrome), and its critical that he undergoes a stem
cell transplant. The initial search for a donor (including Michael’s
siblings and children) has not yet resulted in a suitable match.
Michael’s doctors have told us that we need to immediately explore ALL
possible options. This involves getting as many people of a similar
genetic background to be tested.

There are some important points to understand concerning this process:

1. The screening involves a blood test only. It can be done very
quickly either at a marrow donation center or at a LOCAL LAB. The cost
is anywhere from $40 to $75 and your insurance may cover it. (In NYC,
you can call Frazier, at the NY Blood Bank, at 212-570-3441, and make
an appointment for HLA typing. It costs $40.00.) Check with your
local blood bank, or go to to find the donor
center nearest you.

2. Your blood typing information can be posted on the international
registry, if you choose, where it would also be available to others in
DONATE, it just means that you may be ASKED to do so. You can take your
name off the registry at any time.

3. Should you be selected as a potential donor for Michael, please
understand that there have been tremendous advances in bone marrow
transplants and the term itself can be misleading. Bone marrow
donation is no more invasive than giving blood. Stem cells are simply
harvested from your blood and then transplanted to Michael.

4. A match for Michael would be most likely to come from those of Eastern
European Jewish descent. If you or anyone you know are in this category
please make a special effort to immediately get tested. Ultimately, you
would be doing something not just for Michael, but for so many more who
are in a similar situation as my husband.

5. You are now part of our internet-based drive for donor testing. If
everyone who receives this can motivate a bunch of their friends to get
tested, and those friends then forward this email to get their friends
to get tested, we will have rapidly expanded the pool of potential
donors. I urge all of you to get tested AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Any local blood center/Red Cross center can assist in organizing a
drive for Michael, although it would be desirable if you can get a
large group, e.g. a synagogue, to sponsor it. Should you have any
questions about this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with
Michael’s management office at 212.302.9200 or

Thank you so much for your love and support.

We are so grateful.

Susan xo

__________________________________________________ ____________
Michael Brecker is 56 and an internationally renowned jazz musician. As
a result of his harmonic innovations, Michael is among the most studied
contemporary instrumentalists in music schools throughout the world
today. Michael has played on hundreds of albums with artists ranging
from Herbie Hancock to James Taylor, from Paul Simon to Frank Zappa to
Quincy Jones, Chet Baker and Bruce Springsteen—and on and on. As a
leader and co-leader of The Brecker Brothers (with Randy Brecker) and
Directions in Music (with Herbie Hancock and Roy Hargrove), Michael has
received 11 Grammy Awards ,more than any saxophonist, ever. For further
information, go to


Guitar Town

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Heading up to the mountains today to see some incredible music!

Sonny Landreth, Robben Ford, Lee Ritenou, Larry Carlton, Eric Johnson, and Buddy Guy at Copper Mountain!

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JamMan Looper/Phrase Sampler Pedal

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JamMan Looper/Phrase Sampler Pedal

Almost two decades ago DigiTech developed the PDS 8000 pedal for loop-based audio performance. Now DigiTech takes looping from the original 8-second volatile recording memory of the PDS 8000 straight into the 21st century with the innovative JamMan pedal, which is capable of saving up to 6.5 hours of loops and sample phrases. The JamMan Looper/Phrase Sampler is an effects processor dedicated to loop creation, manipulation, playback and overdubbing, based on the classic Lexicon JamMan rackmount effect. The new JamMan offers tremendous loop capabilities at resolutions up to CD-quality 44.1 kHz in a compact, easy-to-use stompbox format specially tailored to the needs of guitarists and performing musicians.

Just bought one of these to play around with!


Presenting: The Crazy J- guitar playing

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Photo Gallery


New Discussion Board! - Brett Garsed

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Brett Garsed Discussion :: Index


Brett Garsed was born in rural Victoria, Australia and began playing guitar at age 12 after hearing Deep Purple’s Ritchie Blackmore play “Speed King". After about a month of initial lessons he continued to teach himself and formed a band comprised of his two cousins and a mutual friend and began playing live.

His main influences were Blackmore, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, David Gilmour and Jimi Hendrix. This later expanded to more diverse styles such as Leo Kottke, Rory Gallagher (his main inspiration for slide guitar) and Edward Van Halen.

After playing for about 5 years, Brett decided to take classical guitar lessons for about a year which encouraged him to expand his right-hand finger picking technique, which was already beginning to develop.

Brett’s playing style always revolved around left-hand legato from day one: “I don’t know why I started playing that way, it just seemed so natural.” This eventually led him to the music of Allan Holdsworth, a life-changing experience for most musicians. Hearing Holdsworth introduced him to new sounds and possibilities which in turn exposed him to more fusion oriented artists such as Larry Carlton and Scott Henderson.

In July of 1985, Brett was featured in Guitar Player magazine’s “Spotlight” column, which was devoted to exposing new talent to the rest of the world. This encouraged Brett to give up his job as a licensed plumber and pursue a career as a professional musician, prompting him to send demo tapes to as many record companies and management companies as he could find. “I wasn’t looking for a record deal. I just wanted to get into a good band.” One of the tapes was heard by Ross Fraser of the Wheatley Organization, which led to an audition for a short tour by Australian superstar John Farnham. Farnham, at this time still a member of the Little River Band, was planning a solo album and invited Brett to be a part of the project. The resulting album, Whispering Jack, went on to become the biggest selling album in Australian history, followed by sellout tours of Australia and Europe.

Brett continued to tour and record with John until early 1989 when he was invited to the US to audition for Nelson, a band led by Gunnar and Mathew, sons of the late Ricky Nelson. The audition was a success and the resulting album, After the Rain, went on to sell in excess of 3 million copies and yielded a national #1 ("Love and Affection") as well as 2 top ten follow up singles. In early 1990 Brett also recorded Centrifugal Funk for the Mark Varney label Legato Records, an intense guitar album featuring Frank Gambale and Shawn Lane.

For most of ‘91 Brett toured the US with Nelson, and spent ‘92 recording Quid Pro Quo with Chicago-born guitarist TJ Helmerich after the duo decided to sign to Varney’s label. With Nelson on a seemingly permanent hiatus, Brett and TJ pursued their career promoting Quid Pro Quo, which featured Bobby Rock on drums, Gary Willis on bass and Paul Mirkovich on keys. Greeted with critical acclaim worldwide, the pair recorded the follow up album Exempt in 1993. In ‘94 Brett also filmed an instructional video for REH/Warner titled Rock Fusion which covers, in detail, his unique approach to guitar improvisation.

Brett’s most recent recording projects include the Uncle Moe’s Space Ranch album featuring TJ Helmerich, Gary Willis, Dennis Chambers and Scott Kinsey, the Tapestry album which was released under the band name “Mojo” and features Ric Fierabracci on bass and Kofi Baker, son of the legendary Ginger Baker on drums, and most recently his debut solo album Big Sky with Ric returning for bass and production duties and Toss Panos behind the drums.

Brett is now living in Australia again after 14 years in Los Angeles having just completed the record breaking “Last Time” tour with John Farnham which went for an unprecedented 7 months.

Reality Web Video - Josh Smith Xotic Video Part 2

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Check out Josh’s latest Xotic Video. Josh talks about his new Xotic Strat and the new BB pedal. Also, check out some of the lines that Josh lets loose! He is such a great player!

Reality Web Video “Josh Smith” Part 2


New Discussion Board - Greg Howe Discussion

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Greg Howe Discussion :: Index

A place for Greg Howe fans to hang out and discuss Greg’s music, guitar playing, songwriting and live performances.

Greg Howe started playing the guitar at the age of 10 and by his middle teens, after discovering Van Halen, became obsessed with guitar while transforming his confident playing on pentatonic scales on the guitar into a broader understanding of music. By his late teens he had already began playing in clubs with a rock band, which featured his brother Al on lead vocals. Over the course of the next few years Greg continued to hone his guitar skills while playing in rock bands.

In 1988 Shrapnel Recorders owner and infamous guitar connoisseur Mike Varney asked Howe to record an album for his label after hearing a demo that Greg had sent him with the hopes of being featured in Varney’s Spotlight column for Guitar Player magazine. That album, simply entitled “Greg Howe", featured David Lee Roth bassist Billy Sheehan and drummer Atma Anur. It instantly caught the attention of the whole guitar community and eventually led to numerous endorsement deals, print advertising and countrywide clinics. After recording two vocal albums with his brother (1990’s “High Gear” and 1991’s “Now Hear This"), the guitarist’s second album(1993’s"Introspection") set the tone for what would eventually become a series of eight fresh forays in to the mosaic of jazz, rock, fusion, funk, and blues. With each subsequent album - 1994’s"Uncertain Terms", 1995’s “Parallax",1996’s “Five", 1998’s “Ascend", and 2000’s “Hypercuity” Howe would make bolder and more satisfying strides into fusion music.

Along the way he would make himself available as a sideman for pop superstars, filling in for guitarist Jennifer Batten in 1996 on Michael Jackson’s History tour through Europe and Asia, touring the U.S. and Europe in 2000 with Enrique Inglesias, making two separate tours of the states in 2001 and 2002 with NSYNC and doing a promotional tour in 2003 with Justin Timberlake. In fact, Howe ultimately ended up leaving the Timberlake tour in 2003 in order to complete work on “Extraction", the already critically acclaimed all-star funk fusion extravaganza, featuring electric bass virtuoso Victor Wooten ( of the flecktones ) and the world class drummer Dennis Chambers (Formerly with Parliament/Funkadelics, John Scofield, the Brecker Bros, and Currently with Santana.

Greg’s busy schedule continues with various projects. Currently, he is in production for a series of online video lessons and is very active with guitar clinics, trade shows, and mini tours around the world.

New Discussion Board! - Jeff Beck Discussion

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Becasue it just had to be done!!!! ;-)

Jeff Beck Discussion :: Index

A place for Jeff Beck fans (and who’s not) to hang out and discuss Jeff’s illustrious career, world changing music, guitar playing, songwriting and live performances.

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